Monday, September 15, 2014

As we all know, the premise of every devoted writer is to convey his thoughts; and the reason why we encounter various authors pursuing their peculiar end. On the other hand however, it is important to differentiate a writer who has a rare fascination not to simply underwrite its product but more so, to endorse a remedy to a problem. Simply put, it is like a distinction of a tailor who merely wishes to sell his merchandise in comparison to a dressmaker who desires to beautify the person that will wear it.

Furthermore, another issue that every writer has to contend with is his method of pitching its product, by that I mean, how to get across its full precept so his readers could not only see its features, but how those features can possibly turn into benefits.

Launching Developer’s Notes is another distinctive in this site. I have added this widget to disclose the unseen intent that rest behind each featured aspect which at a glance are unlikely unrelated . In the HOME page, you have the body and a number of featured topics. Conversely put, the idea is to place a helpful console to uncover that unseen intent which rests behind each article. To gather the number and let the reader see the objective effort behind all these is to argue that that exerted energy will not turn out to be an unusable benefit to the reader.

Digging deeper, it is important to realize that all logical implications and applications have, as its root, a basis from which you draw out those principles. And since it is the starting point, it is vital that nothing else precedes or comes before it; otherwise it will just the same be another logical usage or a deduction of something that precedes it. 

I see this project as a journey. I collect all of my expressed materials in a single page and bring it to an onlooker like you, or to a place where you can capture the value of my thoughts that will push you to the edge and empower you to discover a new hypothesis in the interest of answering those questions that you did not set out to ask beforehand.    

I have also added another cutting edge feature in this project which I call wiki collaboration . It invites the kind of audience who, like me, want to employ this irreplaceable Thread of Thought that is so profound and so matter-of-fact and being utilized by most noteworthy thinkers. This thread of thought is also extremely generic that it can be employed in our personal, in our business economy, in our civic life, in nature, science and belief, spontaneously; a thread of thought by its very nature indeed. This is why I want to encourage those with like minded to expound its utility instead of a limited use of it.

What I do to highlight this pattern of thought is through modeling an observation or a remark to set you off to improve, edit or make your comment(s) with regards to certain thoughts that have been inscribed in the editorial.

I have placed it under social networking since it entails an interface in social latitude setting instead of a mere TED talk environment.    

 What is not apparent to me for now is the platform (software) that I am utilizing (Google drive), and how good it can seize that end, so therefore I am open to ideas. But I would argue that unless tested, little is known what kinds of handicaps this kind of platform will impel. 

Whoever you might be, you can either be a consumer, a hand on pace setter or a platform mover, this hub is intended for you.  

So every now and then, it will be in this console where I will update you whenever something substantial will emerge. 

My Pleasure,